What is Motorcycles Ceramic Coating?

If you have placed an order for your new Motorcycle, or just recently purchased used one, Ceramic Evolution can provide you with one of the toughest paint protection systems in the world.
We will lovingly and passionately protect your investment, covering every part of your Motorcycle using a complete range designed for all body work, metal and plastics that will give long lasting protection for years to come.
We care for both Gloss and Matte Paint systems and have a different Glass Coating for the different finishes that are unique to your manufacture
Once the coating has been applied & cured, it provides a wet-look glass effect that is visually breathtaking.
This advanced paint protection with the application of a glass coating will reduce the cost and time to maintain your Motorcycle, reducing oxidation & UV fading of the paint & plastics before it begins to decrease the resale value.

  •  Full Wash and paint decontamination
  •  All Painted Body Work is Pre-Treated with IP Paint Decontamination
  •  All Painted Body work is machine polished to give a clean and swirl free finish.
  •  Wheels are cleaned, prepped then Coated with Rim & Metal Glass Coating
  •  Plastics are cleaned and sealed with Trim Ceramic Coating to stop UV and Heat Damage
  •  Bright Work is Cleaned and Sealed Metal Glass Coating
  •  Leather goods Sealed with Leather Glass Coating
  •  Engine & Painted Metals Sealed with Rim & Metal Glass Coating
  •  All Painted Body Work is then coated with Glass Coating
  •  All body work & Wheels are cured with Infa Red Curing


Time: 7-20 Hours

FROM: $450*
* Included in any ceramic application is your Helmet / Visor & Riding Glasses
* Included in any ceramic application is full photo shoot , final look video and water test video

How do Ceramic Coatings work?

The Liquid Glass Coating encases your Motorcycle in a shield of extremely durable hard layer glass, this is not resin based product like most on the market that turn yellow over time or are mixes and last less than a year making you come back every year for a top up. The inorganic glass liquid turns into glass on and within the painted surface and becomes part of it. Glass Coatings will not only protect your ride but will reduce the cost and time to maintain your ride reducing oxidation & fading of the paint. Our Liquid glass coatings are long lasting and vastly superior to wax when it comes to protection.

Motorcycles Ceramic Coating Portfolio

Final Ceramic Videos