What is Paint Correction?

The paint is the most recognizable aspect of a car. It is the first impression and draws in our attention. Paint correction is repairing the paint back to its true clarity by removing visible defects such as scratches & swirl-marks without having to repaint or go to the body shop.

Using the proper abrasive polishing technology, dual action polishers, technique and knowledge, paint defects such as swirls, scratches and hard etching are leveled out by abrading the clear coat surrounding the defects to restore a deep, glossy, reflective finish. We recommend installing one of ours Ceramic Coating Packages after the paint correction to preserve the new finish for years to come and facilitate its maintenance.

Swirls and scratches are defects instilled into the top clear coat most commonly through automatic car washes, inferior hand car wash techniques, or drying techniques.

Automatic car washes use harsh chemicals, rotating mop like brushes made of synthetic nylon or plastic materials that rub against the paint in harsh manner. Numerous cars prior to yours were washed with the same brushes now embedded with rocks & other debris.

Those brushes are now rubbing dirt and grime against your paint. Improper car washing techniques can cause cross contamination of dirt picked up by the wash mitt and wiped across the surface.

Swirls are apparent under certain lighting such as LED’s and direct sunlight. They appear as spider web like marks and are an eye sore. They deflect the light so you can’t see the true nature of the paint. After the defects are removed and paint polished back to near perfection, using proper washing techniques such as the two bucket method, using high quality microfiber wash medium and proper paint protection will maintain your paint’s finish.


This package Single Stage Polish & Wax was designed as a budget friendly option that offers lots of value and improvement in the paintwork. A polish will bring the life, gloss, and shine back to your paint. Polymer Sealant or Wax applied to keep car protected from harsh elements.


Our level 2 correction package is intended to breathe new life back into the paint by removing light to moderate defects. Improving the paintwork, restoring gloss and clarity but heavier deeper defects will remain visible. A paint sealant / wax or for extra charge layer of Ceramic Coating is applied to provide upwards of 2+ years of protection.


Our level 3 paint correction package is our most popular service we offer. It’s intended to remove moderate to heavier defects in the paint to achieve a near flawless finish. After the paint is corrected, the paint is polished to refinement to restore depth and clarity. A paint sealant / wax or for extra charge layer of ceramic coating is applied to provide upwards of 2+ years of protection.

Our Experience

Paint Correction involves a highly experienced operator measuring the paint work with a Digital Paint Thickness Gauge in several locations on each panel to determine how much paint is left on the vehicle, the paint work is clay barred to remove embedded contamination and imperfections are removed by machine polishing down to the depth of the defect to permanently remove them, this will remove such things as swirl marks, scratches, holograms, oxidation, & buffer trails by using different combinations of compounds, abrasive polishes, finishing polishes and buffing pads to specifically suit your vehicles paint work.
Ceramic Evolution will not leave buffer trails like inexperienced operators or use products that contain fillers that will simply wash out within weeks, all products used are premium high quality polishes imported from the USA and Europe

Types of Paints Defects

These type of imperfections can be seen when looking at the vehicle’s finish in direct sunlight viewing from different angles. Swirls and minor scratching will have a “spider web” appearance, while buffer marks, water spots and bird droppings will leave a holographic image embedded in the finish after washing. The only way to successfully remove these imperfections from the finish is with proven paint correction techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Paint Correction service can take anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days depending on the overall condition of the paint work and the amount of work involved.

To ensure we deliver high quality workmanship we need to perform our Paint Correction service in a controlled environment.

We strive to produce a perfect finish however a number of things have to be taken into consideration such as the budget and not all imperfections can always be removed as they may be too deep, affected the clear coat or simply there is not enough clear coat left on the car to polish back.

Due to there being many different types of vehicles and the condition of the paint work can vary greatly we can only give an estimate, the final cost would depend on how much work is involved. Please Contact Us and we will be able to give you an estimate. 

As mentioned in the answer above a Paint Correction is generally a much more extensive machine polish by a professional who will take the time to get the paint work right and remove the imperfections. As a guide, a Stage Two Correction can take approx. 30-45 min per panel, times this by 10-13 panels on a car and it comes to 5-9hrs just to machine polish the car alone! If you are after a cheap cut n polish, chances are you will get cheap quality work!  

Technically there is no difference, they are both “Machine Polishing”. However, a “Cut n Polish” is a term you will generally find being used by Car Wash Cafe’s and by cheap Detailers doing a “Quick Buff”. A Paint Correction is generally a term used by a professional who has a keen eye for detail and chases every imperfection to get the paint work in perfect condition with a combination of polishes, polishing pads, machines and techniques that suit the type of paint work on your vehicle.

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